The pricing for Uber and Lyft can vary based on factors such as distance, time of day, and demand. Additionally, ride fares may change over time due to updates in pricing structures or promotions.

Introducing Cabee Ride, a groundbreaking ride-hailing platform that revolutionizes the traditional fare model. With our app, riders have the power to set their own fares, and drivers can accept or counteroffer, creating a unique and flexible pricing system that puts control in the hands of both riders and drivers.

Here’s how our innovative fare-setting feature works:

Rider Sets the Fare:
When requesting a ride through the app, riders have the option to set their desired fare for the trip. They can consider factors such as distance, time, and demand to determine a fair price they are willing to pay.

Driver Receives the Fare Offer:
Once the rider submits their fare offer, it is instantly communicated to nearby drivers. Drivers have the flexibility to review the fare and evaluate whether it aligns with their preferences and the costs associated with the trip.

Driver Counteroffers:
Drivers can then choose to accept the rider’s offered fare or submit a counteroffer with their suggested price. This allows drivers to negotiate based on various factors like distance, traffic conditions, or anticipated waiting time.

Rider Chooses the Offer:
Riders receive the counteroffers from interested drivers and have the opportunity to review each one. They can compare the suggested fares, driver ratings, and any additional information provided by the drivers to make an informed decision.

Confirmation and Ride Commences:
Once the rider selects an offer from the driver they prefer, the fare is agreed upon, and the ride can proceed. Both parties have clarity on the agreed price, eliminating any uncertainties or surprises at the end of the trip.

Key Benefits of our Fare-Setting Feature:

Empowered Riders:
By allowing riders to set their own fares, our app empowers them to have control over the pricing aspect of their trips, promoting transparency and fairness.

Flexible and Competitive Pricing:
The fare-setting system encourages drivers to propose competitive counteroffers, fostering a healthy marketplace that can result in better pricing options for riders.

Enhanced Driver-Rider Interaction:
The negotiation process facilitates direct communication and engagement between riders and drivers. This can lead to personalized and mutually beneficial agreements, fostering a positive ride experience.

Potential Savings:
Riders who are flexible with their fares may have the opportunity to find drivers willing to accept a lower fare, potentially resulting in cost savings for their trips.

Improved Satisfaction:
By introducing a fare-setting feature, we aim to enhance rider and driver satisfaction by providing a platform that allows them to have a say in the pricing process, fostering a sense of fairness and choice.

Cabee Ride is reshaping the ride-hailing industry with this innovative fare-setting feature. Experience the freedom to set your own fare and choose from driver offers that suit your preferences. Download our app from [App Store/Google Play Store] and embark on a journey that combines convenience, flexibility, and fair pricing, setting new standards in the ride-hailing experience.

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